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Helene Markart, exclusive culinary art created with past traditions.

The roots of Helene Markart proprietor of Hotel Adler, originated on a farm located in Kaltenbrunn, Jaufental (Jaufen Valley) where she enjoyed a happy childhood within the security of her cherished family.

The bales of straw, cattle, vegetables and Herb garden, plenty of snow, the hissing brooks, fragrances emanating from the young vines, and the odours stemming from the Speck curing chambers are her favourite childhood memories.

Like a giant standing in front of the family home lays the Weißhorn summit guarding the local inhabitants from the forceful north wind and whose superior position fetters a view of snow and ice together with the high, dark Fir trees and mountain pines. It is here where the source of Helene’s high regard for tradition and curiosity for indigenous recipes began. Whether at her uncle’s country restaurant the ‘Jaufentaler Hof’, the Hilton in Munich, Novara in Merano and Trento, Hotel Schwarzer Adler in Vipiteno or Hotel Adler in Villabassa where her heart and now her home is, it has been her ambition throughout her training and professional career to take past gastronomic delights, adapt and refine the methods but still maintain the taste and the respective spirit of their time.

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