Hiking in the Dolomites

Certain things you just have to see up close. The legendary mountains of the Dolomites are definitely among them. The UNESCO World Heritage has always enchanted mountaineers and hikers. The unspoilt nature, breathtaking mountain peaks, the vastness of the alpine pastures and forests! Mountain lakes and traditional huts... Well, certain things you really have to see for yourself!

Hiking Dolomites

Amazing paths

Fantastic hikes! Yes, in this aspect the Dolomites are a unique experience. Villabassa’s perfect location makes the Hotel Adler a real great starting point for leisurely hikes. Also beautiful lakes and alpine pastures are worth a walk. The Balance Path with the “picnic rucksack”, the enchanting Prato Piazza or the possibility to be guided by a hiking guide is highly appreciated by our guests


Climbing & Mountaineering
climb the dolomites

Around the famous Three Peaks there are so many possibilities for mountaineers and climbers. We ourselves are always amazed when our guests tell us about their tours and take fantastic photos. With pleasure we also take the opportunity to book a private hiking guide. Aside from the active part of hiking, our guest experience the power of nature and it’s silence when far up on the peaks of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage.


Walking & strolling through romantic villages

Stroll through the small idyllic Villabassa village, have an ice cream to go, refresh your legs in a Kneipp bath. Fortunately, there are countless possibilities for leisurely strolls and walks around the Hotel Adler. The “Balance Path”, the craftsmans around the corner, the little village museum down the street... We will gladly give you tips and information. Starting from the most charming church to the most beautiful forest path or from which bench you can best watch the sunrise - just ask!

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