This planet is unique - and we should all take care to use its resources carefully, to maintain its beauty and to act to the best of our knowledge and ability. The wondrous concept of sustainability is on everyone's lips, all over the world. One thing is certain: we are really trying to make a contribution. That's why you drink your "Aperitivo” in the Adler with a glass straw. That's why we draw energy from the district heating plant. That's why you will find our glass bottles in your room to fill up, so that you don't have to buy plastic bottles anymore.


Sustainability at the Hotel Adler

In our hotel, sustainability is a fundamental value. We consistently use plastic-free solutions both in guest rooms and in the kitchen. Our cuisine is based on localproducts sourced from local farmers and producers. In summer, we even utilize herbs and products from our hotel's own garden. A respectful treatment of our products is particularly important to us. Therefore, our menus are seasonal to highlight the freshness and variety of regional products. We consciously avoid buffets to reduce food waste and instead opt for careful utilization of all animal and plant products. Freshly prepared dishes are served directly to the table to ensure their quality.

Additionally, we adopt innovative solutions like Sodastream to reduce the purchase of single-use bottles and decrease our ecological footprint. Our commitment to sustainability extends across all areas of the hotel, and we are proud to offer our guests not only a pleasant stay but also an environmentally conscious experience.



To appreciate the value in all things, creatures and details is close to our heart. Fortunately, this is exactly what brings us a lot of joy. Joy of life, joy of togetherness, joy of naturalness and of the lightness of being! We give our best responsible action in sensible waste management and fair wages, for example. In regionality and naturalness in kitchen and rooms. Through initiatives like "Holidaypass mobility" and support for car-free travel, as well as our dedication to strict plastic reduction and reusable packaging, we strive to make a difference - for an idyllic Villabassa, the enchanting Dolomites, a sustainable South Tyrol, and the preservation of our unique natural environment!

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