Feeling for Details

The walls of the facade, which has the architecture of its Wilhel-minian period around 1900, tell a lot about the character and story of our house. Our Stube, is a traditional south tyrolean living and dining room with wooden paneling, that dates back to the 16th cen-tury. The typical nature of a stube invokes life centuries back, these rooms were made for celebrations, gatherings and meals, with an inviting and incomparable atmosphere. Anyone who has ever been a guest here will remember the cosiness, the warmth and passion of the Hotel Adler in the small, idyllic village of Villa-bassa long after they have left it behind ... and will return with joy.

inspired by tradition

Inspired by tradition? YES! ...

because the traditional core is the basis for the timeless and modern beauty and identity of the Adler. Not only the historical walls of our hotel in Villabassa, South Ty-rol, tell a centuries-old story - the kitchen is also charac-terised by the modern refinements of traditional dishes. Each room combines traditional elements and timeless furnishings, as well as the South Tyrolean hospitality in its purest form and traditional quality awareness on all levels.

And why inspired? Well, because the traditional foun-dation is our basis for new, innovative, joyful and fu-ture-oriented things!


The passion for hospitality ...

... makes the Adler - your hotel and accommodation in the Dolomites - a house with unmistakable charm and character. Host family Pircher not only shapes the style of furnishing, but also lives every day what is close to their hearts: stylish encounters - with guests, locals, employees and a special attention to sustainability, naturalness and regionalism.


Changes are: Adlers History

More than 400 years ago, around 1600, the nobleman Stefan von Kurz zum Thurn was the owner of the house. Subsequently, there were sever-al generational changes and inheritances. Karl von Kurz zum Thurn was finally the last Kurz in Villabassa, South Tyrol. The name of the house was also changed and adapted - even only on a small scale: The "goldene Adler" became the "Hotel Adler", which means eagle in German.
... After the house changed owners several times, a fire destroyed every-thing except the facade in 1921. And even after the reconstruction, a lot happened - Constantini Tristano, grandfather and great-grandfather of today's hosts, took over the house and history takes its course!

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